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I.T. Department Assistance / Supplement

Since shortly after starting our company in September 2001, we have found the priority need of most of our clients is to either have us provide their Information Technology (IT) needs for them, or to supplement their existing IT needs.

Do these phrases sound familiar?

"I'm in the business of selling insurance, not in the business of understanding all this internet stuff"

"We don't have time to learn all this stuff!!"

"I have no idea what this error message means, it sure looks ugly!"

"We used to have a full time IT person but don't feel like we need to have that person on staff anymore. He was always calling someone else for help anyway!"

We've been providing computer support and service in almost every market since 2001 - therefore if you have a problem you are stuck on or are looking for a solution that no one seems to be able to help you with - give us a call. Chances are if we haven't already worked on and developed a solution - we will be very soon!

We are happy to report a 100% success rate with our problem solving. We have never encountered a computer or network problem that we were unable to solve.

In order to serve you better, we offer tiered service contracts. If you have mission critical needs, be sure to ask us for more details and references.





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