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Municipal Wireless / Site-to-Site Connectivity

Advanced Computer personnel have extensive knowledge and experience deploying wireless connectivity links using Motorola Canopy products (see more). In building Cullman's wireless broadband network, with the Cyber Broadband internet backbone in which Advanced Computer personnel have a substantial interest, we have great experience mapping out and deploying links using 900 mhz, 2.4 ghz, 5.2 ghz, and 5.7 ghz radio equipment. 

Advanced Computer strongly believes in a connected world and is doing its part to provide broadband internet service to under-served rural areas. We strongly encourage governments of under-served areas to contact us for a broadband deployment study to see if we can get broadband access to your community via wireless technology similar to how we have achieved this goal in Cullman County. We have also attended seminars on broadband connectivity and grant opportunities for broadband connectivity as presented on by the United States Department of Rural Development (USDA).  For under-served communities,  there is grant money available to you if you meet the right qualifications. Contact us for more details.

Advanced Computer also specializes in using this wireless equipment to connect locations miles apart which may not have any other media available for connectivity. We recently conducted a study for a government which needed to connect a fire station to its main network and it's fire station was in a remote area. Using available water towers and communication towers, we were able to create an effective solution.  






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