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Advanced Computer Solutions:  About us

Advanced Computer Solutions is, honestly, a very proud group of folks.  We've accomplished a lot in a very short time - from helping network some of the most difficult environments physically - to deploying a broadband wireless network across most of Cullman county.  We are some of the most unique individuals you will ever meet.

One thing we are very happy to say: we have next-to-no turnover rate. Other companies in our market can not say that. Can you imagine how frustrating it is for customers to have to explain their network setup to a new tech every other month - especially when most customers rely on their "Network Engineer" to keep track of most of that information in the first place?  If you are one of those customers who has dealt with that environment - trust us, we feel your pain.

Click here to begin fixing that problem. :)

Richard Hancock was born in Cullman in 1947 and graduated from Cullman High School in 1966.  He entered the US Air Force in February 1967.  After basic training and technical school, he was sent to Vietnam in October 1967.  Then,  in October 1968 he left Vietnam and was stationed at Patrick Air Force Base located near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Rick's work was, for the most part, out on the Cape.  From there he went to Cannon Air Force Base at Clovis, New Mexico in September of 1970.  Finishing his commitment  in February 1971, he continued to work in communications in the air force specializing in telephone installations.  The work in Florida had him installing intercom systems on the launch complexes and also at the downrange tracking stations in the Bahamas. He maintains to this day it was extremely tough duty - -  but someone had to do it! :)

After his discharge in 1971, Rick came back to Cullman and made a move to Hartselle in June of 1971 where he went to work for Bellsouth, then South Central Bell,  as an installer.  As the company changed, so did the job title, and Rick eventually became a full fledged “Service Technician”.  Rick spent his career with Bell stationed in Hartselle where he retired in March of 2002. 

The most fulfilling part of his life is that he’s been married to the same fine lady for 40 years, having 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

Rick joined Advanced Computer in his retirement in 2006.

Jay Fuller was born in Decatur, Alabama in 1977 and graduated from Cullman High School in 1995. He spent two years at Wallace State College under a music scholarship where he played both percussion and piano and eventually transferred to the University of South Alabama in 1997 where he graduated in 2000 with a bachelor's of science degree from the School of Computer and Information Sciences - with a specialization in Information Technology. During his years at South Alabama he assisted the web services department in maintaining the university's top-level web pages.  Due to Jay's excessively fast typing skills, he mostly kept the Athletic web pages up to date as they had the most press releases. He also spent his college years working in radio - working for both 92 Zew, WZEW, and Oldies 106.5 - Mobile's Wave (WAVH).  Upon graduation in 2000, he worked for Millar Computer Solutions for approximately one year before leaving and starting his own computer solutions firm - all at the same time working with Millar as a subcontractor and teaching part time at Wallace State College.  As Advanced Computer continued to grow and expand, Jay was instrumental in creating Cyber Broadband Inc which benefited rural parts of Cullman county. Adding a little more excitement and variety in Jay's life, he applied for and accepted a part time radio gig with Q-107 in Florence, Alabama, WQLT (wqlt.com), in March 2007. In fact, he enjoys listening to radio stations all over the country.  Some of his favorites are 92 Zew (92zew.net), The Coast (kozt.com), and Nashville's Lightning 100 (wrlt.com). He also spends some time playing in the Cullman Community Band - which meets every Monday night at the Cullman Middle School bandroom (at 6:30...come see us!)

Unlike Rick, although Jay has had several successful relationships, none of them have ended with children or grandchildren - or even marriage!  He does openly contribute a good bit of his success (from a self-esteem standpoint) to his girlfriend during most of the earlier years of the company - Melissa Silvey. He also contributes a good bit of the success to the folks who helped him grow and build the company.  A quote from a long time friend of Jay's, Donald Duncan, says "always surround yourself with good people." Jay has consistently strived to do just that - and to take care of the people around him.

Jay Weekley attended the University of Alabama, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelors of Science in Sports Fitness Management. After many years helping people achieve their fitness goals Jay decided to make his passion for computers his career. Meeting Jay Fuller as a teacher while taking classes at Wallace State College, he began putting his skills to use in network communications  in 2002 by joining the Advanced team and taking care of needs of our larger contract clients who needed a larger variety of network services - including cabling. His desire for excellence led him to pursue his Installer Level I certification through BICSI in 2005, getting his Level II certification a year later. BICSI is the industry leader in training and certification for Information Transport Systems professionals.

Then, in 2009, in order to meet additional needs of ACS's clients, Mr. Weekley became a Level I Certified Alarm Technician. As well as being partner with Jay Fuller in Cyber Broadband, Jay Weekley continues to deliver quality of service and product excellence to area industries.

Mr. Weekley is responsible for Advanced Computer's mission statement - to separate ourselves from the competition.








Locally owned and operated by Jay Fuller - providing efficient solutions since 2001

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